A sterling silver bracelet with charms can be a statement accessory yet not look over the top. A sterling silver bracelet or Taxco Sterling Silver Bracelet can be customized with different charms which can make a perfect gift for loved ones or can be kept as a keepsake. There are a lot of charms available that can be added to your bracelet. Also, complete bracelets with added charms are also available to order.

What are types of silver charm bracelets available?

There are three types of charms bracelets available which are differentiated from each other based on their design. These are:-

· Traditional style bracelet with charms: – This type of bracelet consists of a chain and various charms are added to the bracelet with help of links. Charms can be added individually to each link which gives the wearer the freedom to add as many charms as desired. Also, individual links provide flexibility to the chain.

· Italian style bracelet: – A basic Italian charm bracelet has 18 links to which flat modular charms can be added. The best part about Italian charm bracelets is that it can be designed in many ways. They can be interchanged also, so they are very versatile as well.

· European style bracelet with charms: – This type of bracelet has rope braid look. The diameter of the smaller bracelet is lesser which makes it more elegant. For those who like to wear more sturdy bracelets, this thing can be done up in silver also.

What types of charms can be added to the bracelets?

The charms are available in all types of designs, material, shapes and sizes. People often gift charm bracelets to their loved one with just one charm in the beginning. And charms can be added consequently to mark various special occasions. Various types of elegant charms can be added like glasswork charms, metalwork charms, European charms which can be easily added to the rope style bracelet or Italian charms which are handcrafted and generally made up of glass and steel.

How to choose the right type of charms?

Depending on the preference of the wearer, the bracelet either can be adorned with a single type of charm or can be customized with a mix of material and patterns. Therefore, a mix of charms of metal, fabric, leather etc. can be a great way to add some jazz to the wearer’s wrist. There are charms to suit practically everyone’s needs.

How to find the right size of the bracelet?

When looking for the right size, to the actual size of the wrist additional 1- 1.5 inches of tolerance should be added. This will allow for the easy movement of the bracelet up and down the wrist and will not leave painful impressions on the wrist of the wearer. If the bracelet has to be bought as a gift for someone else try to take the inside measurement of the wearer’s wrist watch to assess the diameter of the bracelet that has to be gifted.

For all those who love to immerse themselves in the black of a good book, there is nothing better than getting lost in the words that are woven intricately in the threads of imagination. Books have a mind of their own, they say. Books can be the best company. But for those who love to read books, they are much more than just “good company”. They become an extension of who the people are and often the readers find not the just association and a sense of belonging, but a sense of self.

There are some books which have crossed the boundaries of time and have become more than just classics. They tie us all together in the spirit of humanity and reveal the ultimate truths. In tests-of-time, we all are the same, regardless of where and when. There is no better way to understand the complex labyrinths of human minds than to dig through some of the best novels in the world.

Here is a list of books that have become the literary milestones and we recommend that each book lover should read them once in their lifetime.

  • Every man for himself- Written by Beryl Bainbridge, the books is set in the year 1912 and is beautifully yet a short description of the greatest tragedy that took place in the same year. The sinking of might but ill- fated ship, Titanic.

  • Affinity- Affinity is set in the year 1874 and is written by Sarah Waters who is brilliant at historical fiction. The book is narrated from a Victorian prison. The protagonist of Affinity is Margaret Prior and Sarah Waters has managed to seamlessly blend some amount of spirituality in the otherwise seemingly atmospheric storyline.

  • Regeneration- The author of Regeneration is Pat Barker and the book is a literary masterpiece about the psyche of the soldiers during the First World War. The book is immensely gripping and unfolds various depths of the human minds that make it extremely relatable in today’s times as well.

  • Jamaica Inn- This book is more than just interesting. The author of this magnificently written book is Daphne du Maurier and it has everything required for the makings of an ‘impossible- to- put- down’ book. Full of adventure as well as romance, this has to be read to be admired.

  •  A place of greater safety- Set during the French Revolution, this book has you glued to it from the very beginning even though you definitely know how it ends. Full of real characters the book is simple in terms of predictability yet so complexly human that you will be overwhelmed by the end of it all.

These books will transport you back in the times where even though life was simpler, humans were as complicated as we are today.

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Jewelry has forever been associated with women. In our world, only women normally adorn themselves with precious ornaments. The fact that we believe most men cannot wear or carry jewelry cannot be further from truth. Men also have worn jewelry for centuries and the proof of this lies in the various pictures of emperors, knights etc. that shows them wearing ornaments around their wrist. People belonging to the affluent section of the society wore bracelets as an assertion of their wealth. Bracelets have become increasingly common and have evolved from being a basic accessory to a complete game-changer in the world of style. Bracelets can be made up of a variety of materials. They can be crafted out of precious metals such as platinum and gold or can be made up of leather and hemp. So, if you are a stylish man who is in a dilemma about whether or not to wear bracelets, read on to know why bracelets can take your style quotient to another level.

  1. Bracelets can be an ice breaker. Accessories are a complete reflection of your style and personality. Accessories that stand out from the crowd can attract people towards you and can even prove to become the center of attention in any conversation. Most men do not wear accessories other than a plain watch, therefore, wearing a Taxco Sterling Silver Bracelet can make you unique. And nothing could be better than a bracelet with a unique story behind it.

  2. Bracelets can also be worn if you have a medical condition. Though some people may argue that medical bracelets are not exactly a piece of jewelry. Nevertheless, it is imperative for anyone who has a medical condition which is not obvious to wear a medical bracelet which can help the medical personnel in the case of an emergency. Paracord bracelets which are very inexpensive have been worn by adventure sports enthusiast, firemen, and soldiers. Though they were used for their utility, it took no time for them to become a style statement.

  3. As stated earlier, historically people used to wear bracelets to assert their status in society. In modern world also this hold true in some cultures. In many eastern countries, men wear Taxco Sterling Silver Bracelet to subtly tell people about their affluence.

  4. Bracelets can also be worn as a symbol of allegiance or as a reminder of a good memory. Bracelets are worn by many people as reminders of their faith which could be cultural or social. Sometimes bracelets can be worn as a souvenir of a happy memory that you may have a pleasant experience. In some ethnic groups of Latin America, bracelets are worn which are believed to protect the wearer from evil eyes.

  5. Some people do not really need a reason to wear bracelets. You might be one of those who is way ahead than the rest in terms of style. Bracelets can add a small pop of color to an otherwise plain outfit and they can definitely help you in changing the basic theme them of your outfit from casual to formal or vice versa.

Things to remember while wearing bracelets:-

Although you can wear bracelets on any wrist you want, most people tend to wear bracelets on the dominant hand of use. Be sure to not wear the bracelet on the same wrist on which you wear your watch as it may scratch your watch. Whenever you are wearing multiple bracelets try to strike a balance between the colors and the materials of the bracelet. Try to pair different colors in the same group or pair bracelet bands with metal cuffs. Do not wear bracelets which clash with your watch in terms of color and size. Do not wear small bracelets with a large dial watch. The accessories have to be coordinated with each other and one should not overpower another. And the last point to remember is that your bracelets should be in accordance to the occasion. If you are out for a casual outing, you can play it up with funky colors and different materials, however, if you are headed to a formal occasion keep things subtle and sophisticated.

best ebook reader

eBook Reader

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends;

They are the most accessible and wisest of counselors and the most patient of teachers”

Charles W. Eliot

Books are definitely our greatest friends. However, today eBooks have taken over the reading world. No longer do you go from one book store to another searching for a particular book. You don’t even have to wait for the book to come in the mail.  All you need to do is get yourself an eBook reader and buy eBooks online. Once you give your email ID, the link to download the eBook will be sent as soon as you make payment. Clicking on the link will download the eBook automatically on your device. The entire process of buying and downloading eBooks can be done within minutes.

Buying an eBook reader is not only easy but quite cost effective.  These devices are available below $100. However, there are many things you need to look into before settling on a particular device. Given below are a few points you should keep in mind:

The screen size and type: There are many types of eBook readers. Among the most preferred  are those that have E ink displays. These screens are very similar to paper and are easy on your eyes. There are several inexpensive devices that are not backlit. This means you would need to switch on a light to read the text. However, units are available with edge lighting. These include Kobo Aura HD, Barnes & Noble Nook GlowLight and Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. These allow you to read in the dark and let you change the intensity of the brightness as required by your surroundings. You don’t have to worry about disturbing others who may be sleeping.  If you want to read in the bright sunlight E Ink reader will be much easier when compared to the devices with color touch screens such as Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook and Amazon Fire HD 6 that tend to wash out and show distracting reflections through their glossy displays.

The ideal screen size for E Ink readers is about six inches which are found in the entry-level Amazon Kindle. There are many with larger screen displays such as Kobo’s waterproof Aura H20. If crisp graphics are  a concern, the Kobo Glo HD or the Amazon Kindle Voyage provide screen resolutions of 300 pixels per inch.

Apps and Features:  If you are looking for applications and features, eBook readers from LG’s G Pad up to Apple iPad mini 3 will fill the bill.  While being one of the low cost tablets, LG’s  G Pad lets you browse the web, play music, stream videos from Hulu, Netflix and others and run many of the Android apps. The Apple iPad mini 3 is a light weight multifaceted device that has plenty of apps with a 7.9 inch Retina Screen that is razor-sharp.

Kind of Connection: If you do not mind walking up to a hot spot or waiting till you get home to connect, you can go with a device that works only on Wi-Fi.  If not, you can go for one that is 3G enabled. This will help you buy and download your eBooks anywhere and anytime.

Storage: Some devices like Kobo Aura HD as well as H2O come with memory card slots which will help you download as many digital books as you want. However, the internal storage capacity is not  an issue with eBook readers. You can easily store about a thousand books in almost all devices that are available today. Some even let you download up to 3000 books. There is also cloud storage that allows you to download books on to your device when you wish, provided you have a 3G- enabled device or are at a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Book formats: Not all eBooks come in the same format and not all eBook readers support all eBook formats. There are many eBook vendors online, some even help you borrow eBooks from the library. If you want this service, you need to check out which formats support this service.

EBook Apps: Most eBook manufactures have their own eBook apps. For instance, there is iBooks for Apple iPads and iPhones. These apps does not contain the selection of books that you can find on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Amazon has its Cloud Reader that works well on the iPad. In case you are using multiple gadgets to read eBooks, check out the product reviews and see which devices are supported.

Price: Price is definitely an important factor when buying an eBook reader. Over the past few years the prices of eBook readers have fallen considerably. You can get the basic model of Amazon’s Kindle for $79 only. It has everything you need. If you want to go for a tablet you can check out the LG’s G Pad, Galaxy’s Tab 4 Nook and Amazon Fire HD.  All of these devices fall in the $100 to $200 range.

Here is a list of a few top eBook Readers. You can go through their reviews and compare  features before making your decision:

  • Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2013): Available at $119, this eBook reader is very bright, fast and comes with edge lighting.
  • Amazon Kindle (2014): Priced at $79, this entry-level Kindle eBook reader comes with a touch screen and is definitely a fantastic bargain.
  • Amazon Kindle Voyage: Available at $199, this is one of the best eBook readers
  • Barnes & Noble Nook GlowLight: Priced at $119, this is a very attractive looking eBook reader. If you are a fan of the Nook or B&N store, you will love this device. Nevertheless, do check out if the features suffice your requirements.
  • Kobo Aura HD: This is a premium eBook reader priced at $169.99 and comes with a super-sharp display and high-quality edge lighting.
  • Kobo Aura H2O: Slightly pricier at $179.99, this is a waterproof device that works excellent as a beach reader.
  • Kobo Glo HD: If you are looking for an affordable alternative to the Amazon Kindle Voyage, this is it. Priced at $129.99, this eBook reader comes in a lightweight design, a clear paper-like display and is quite unassuming to satisfy you.

So, next time you buy eBooks online, make sure you go for the right format that works perfectly on your favorite eBook reader and be sure to read Michael Williamson’s two great novels, Secret Betrayal and The Dream of the Fathers. Both are available in all eBook formats.

eBook: Future of Reading & Writing

Every time you come across a genuinely revolutionary technology you go through an “Aha” moment in your life. It is that magical moment that tells you that the rules have indeed changed and forever. This was probably how you felt when for the very first time you…

Clicked on your very first web hyperlink….

Found the satellite image of your house on Google Earth….

Or read your first eBook on your Kindle.

The migration of the book from paper to the digital realm is not just about changing over from ink to pixels, it is about bringing about a change in the way we read and write. Also, this has made it very simple for us to purchase books, any time we want to read. Stopping the process of reading will also become a whole lot easier. With the option of storing thousands of eBooks on a Kindle, it becomes easier to carry them wherever you go. Nevertheless we may end up losing out on a few core attributes of book reading that we are used to for so many years.

Ten millions of books have been published ever since the Gutenberg days and this is probably the most valuable source of knowledge for the mankind. The hyperlinks in these digital texts make it very easy to navigate while reading newspapers, magazines, blogs and websites. The maturation of Google Book Search Service and the breakthrough success of Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader have made it very easier to buy ebooks online at any time of the day and from any part of the world. One Google search on “buy romance, adventure and war ebooks online” will give you all the results you wanted within a few seconds of time.

So if the introduction of eBooks is going to rewrite the future, then just how is it going to happen?

By Creating a World of Ideas: The introduction of eBooks made it easier to look for ideas contained in millions of books by creating online versions of these books. You can now come up with a shadow version of the entire library of books that you have read ever since you were a child till the present day. Not just this, you can search for every word in that huge library of books. The impact that this has brought about on scholarships is incredible. This has led to newer forms of discovery that were unthinkable a few years ago.

By increasing Impulse Buying: The easy way of purchasing books has led to a whole lot of impulse buying among the readers across the world. In fact Kindle users have bought more books than what they used to buy before. You don’t have to go looking for a book store. It is right there when you need it. You can buy any book that you wish to read, however old or new it might be. If you seem to get bored of a book you can quickly switch over to another within a matter of seconds. You can look for references instantly. Yet, that total immersion in another world that we used to experience earlier is somewhere compromised in our effort to read books the way we read newspapers and magazines: a bit here and a bit there.

By Reducing your loneliness: Online availability of books has changed the way we look for books and talk about them. There is a global book club out there where readers from across the world annotate, explain and debate the true meaning of the passage. You are not alone in your reading anymore. There are many who are reading the same book as you are and you can share your feelings, thoughts and opinions with them. You can even have a direct exchange with the author, apart from interacting with strangers.

By making it possible to write for Google: Just like the new world is attracting new book readers, it is also inspiring many to write books. With the kind of information available on the internet, it has become very easy to write books. Also, writers and publishers have started thinking in terms of Search Engine Optimization while writing and publishing books. They are more concerned about how to improve the ranking of their books by including descriptive tags for individual paragraphs and naming the chapters in an innovative way.

By providing options to pay per chapter: Digital distribution of books has made it possible to offer a free sample of the book to buyers in order to entice them to buy the book. The objective of writing introduction to the book would be to lure the readers so that they will buy the whole book. In case of short stories and non-fiction books, readers will be given the option of paying per chapter just like how it is done for digital music. Modular books will come into existence which will be split into standalone chapters intelligently. With this reading books will become similar to reading articles on newspapers, magazines and blogs.

The ease that people experience to buy ebooks online and the possibility to buy romance, adventure and war ebooks online has definitely led to change in the way people read books and even write them. However, time is the only thing that will tell whether this is for the good or bad.








Secret Betrayal


Secret Betrayal
by Michael Williamson


A young girl, on the cusp of womanhood, loses herself to the mean streets and cabarets of 1930s Berlin and becomes embroiled in a plot to gain secrets of the Allied invasion in this thrilling new novel.

After escaping her abusive stepfather as a teenager, Carla Offenbach found sanctuary in Berlin. Years later, Carla is a woman of great wealth, the owner of one of the most wildly successful cabarets in Berlin, a city glittering with bright lights and lavish, carefree parties. But when the realities of war in Europe finally cast a shadow over Berlin, the German people are forced to retreat into their homes, leaving Carla no choice but to close the doors of her establishment. In a desperate attempt to save her own life and livelihood, Carla finally gives in to the brutish demands of her most devoted patron, Nazi party minister Reichsleiter Martin Bormann, a terrifying and ruthless man who dreams of succeeding the Fuhrer Adolf Hitler. Carla, who has always vehemently disagreed with Nazi politics, now finds herself in league with Bormann, as part of his secret military unit.

At the behest of Martin Bormann, Carla is tasked with planning and executing the capture of Marine General Roger Collum, the youngest member of General Dwight D. Eisenhower’s senior staff, a man who attended the meeting that set the final dates and locations of the Allied invasion. With a bright military career ahead of him, Collum has spent years in India, perfecting his revolutionary designs for the Allies amphibious landing craft, during which time he also was a student of Kundalini yoga. Knowledge of this ancient yoga guides him to make the startling decision to give up the invasion plans the Germans so desperately need. Carla soon finds herself in a dangerous love affair with the very man she was given orders to capture, as the plot charges to a surprising finale.

Michael Williamson’s exciting novel Secret Betrayal follows Carla and Collum in a heart-stopping journey through a world torn apart by war. Well-researched and full of adventure and intrigue, Secret Betrayal explores the redemptive power of love, even in times of unimaginable personal suffering and sacrifice. Fans of romance, adventure and historical fiction are sure to enjoy Williamson’s gripping novel.


About the author: Michael Williamson was born and raised in Southern California and currently lives in Bozeman, Montana. When he is not writing, Williamson spends his time ranching. His next novel, Now is Forever: Indochina, the first in a series, will be released next fall. Secret Betrayal by Michael Williamson (published by Experion, RRP $14.99 paperback, RRP $26.99, hardback, RRP $3.99 ebook) is available online at retailers including amazon.com  and iTunes.com, and can be ordered from all good bookstores. For more information, please visit www.experioninst.com.


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