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Soon after publication of his first book, The Dream of the Fathers, in 2006, Michel Williamson set to work on Secret Betrayal. Not one to allow the rich, green grass of Bozeman, Montana, to grow under his feet, he is currently involved in the creation of a four novel series of books entitled, Now Is Forever. The first of these, Now Is Forever – Indochina is slated for publication in fall of 2015. The other three novels will follow quickly behind providing readers ever expanding vistas of the drama and emotion these powerful novels will set in motion.

A product of Southern California, Williamson discovered the beauty of Montana’s people and landscapes more than twenty years ago. Today he splits his time between ranching and writing. An avid traveler, he uses his firsthand knowledge of the world to give his writing and locals a realism that draws the reader into the textual web he weaves around some of the world’s most historic events.

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