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The defeat of the Japanese left a power vacuum that Ho rushed to fill with his Viet Minh fighters, who far outnumbered the remnants of French colonialism. A disillusioned, but experienced, young American Marine injects himself into this volatile mix of war and emotions by joining the French Foreign Legion in Saigon. His elevation through the ranks enmeshes him in battle, while the extremes of war launch him into a search for meaning, love and an unknown destiny.



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A young girl, on the cusp of womanhood, loses herself to the mean streets and cabarets of 1930s Berlin and becomes embroiled in a plot to gain secrets of the Allied invasion in this thrilling new novel. Williamson’s new novel incorporates intrigue, politics, espionage, romance, and heart-pounding action in this exciting book.

Michael Williamson’s exciting novel Secret Betrayal follows Carla and Collum in a heart-stopping journey through a world torn apart by war. Well-researched and full of adventure and intrigue, Secret Betrayal explores the redemptive power of love, even in times of unimaginable personal suffering and sacrifice. Fans of romance, adventure and historical fiction are sure to enjoy Williamson’s gripping novel.


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A novel of political science fiction that provides an intriguing view of the power of Latino politicians and the world that confronts them in the 22nd Century. With humanity liberated from the rigidity of the 24 hour schedule, productivity, abundance, and happiness have become widespread; however, the changing demographics of the United States threaten to shift and founder the nation at its very core. In the latter half of the 22nd Century, the United States is faced with a seminal moment that will redefine its august and rich multicultural history. Traditional power blocs grip tightly to their waning power, while trying to prevent the growing Latino and Hispanic presence from gaining major footholds in governance. This novel is surprising in its prescience and offers us a look into a “historical future” that is both gripping and thought-provoking.


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