A sterling silver bracelet with charms can be a statement accessory yet not look over the top. A sterling silver bracelet or Taxco Sterling Silver Bracelet can be customized with different charms which can make a perfect gift for loved ones or can be kept as a keepsake. There are a lot of charms available that can be added to your bracelet. Also, complete bracelets with added charms are also available to order.

What are types of silver charm bracelets available?

There are three types of charms bracelets available which are differentiated from each other based on their design. These are:-

· Traditional style bracelet with charms: – This type of bracelet consists of a chain and various charms are added to the bracelet with help of links. Charms can be added individually to each link which gives the wearer the freedom to add as many charms as desired. Also, individual links provide flexibility to the chain.

· Italian style bracelet: – A basic Italian charm bracelet has 18 links to which flat modular charms can be added. The best part about Italian charm bracelets is that it can be designed in many ways. They can be interchanged also, so they are very versatile as well.

· European style bracelet with charms: – This type of bracelet has rope braid look. The diameter of the smaller bracelet is lesser which makes it more elegant. For those who like to wear more sturdy bracelets, this thing can be done up in silver also.

What types of charms can be added to the bracelets?

The charms are available in all types of designs, material, shapes and sizes. People often gift charm bracelets to their loved one with just one charm in the beginning. And charms can be added consequently to mark various special occasions. Various types of elegant charms can be added like glasswork charms, metalwork charms, European charms which can be easily added to the rope style bracelet or Italian charms which are handcrafted and generally made up of glass and steel.

How to choose the right type of charms?

Depending on the preference of the wearer, the bracelet either can be adorned with a single type of charm or can be customized with a mix of material and patterns. Therefore, a mix of charms of metal, fabric, leather etc. can be a great way to add some jazz to the wearer’s wrist. There are charms to suit practically everyone’s needs.

How to find the right size of the bracelet?

When looking for the right size, to the actual size of the wrist additional 1- 1.5 inches of tolerance should be added. This will allow for the easy movement of the bracelet up and down the wrist and will not leave painful impressions on the wrist of the wearer. If the bracelet has to be bought as a gift for someone else try to take the inside measurement of the wearer’s wrist watch to assess the diameter of the bracelet that has to be gifted.

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