Jewelry has forever been associated with women. In our world, only women normally adorn themselves with precious ornaments. The fact that we believe most men cannot wear or carry jewelry cannot be further from truth. Men also have worn jewelry for centuries and the proof of this lies in the various pictures of emperors, knights etc. that shows them wearing ornaments around their wrist. People belonging to the affluent section of the society wore bracelets as an assertion of their wealth. Bracelets have become increasingly common and have evolved from being a basic accessory to a complete game-changer in the world of style. Bracelets can be made up of a variety of materials. They can be crafted out of precious metals such as platinum and gold or can be made up of leather and hemp. So, if you are a stylish man who is in a dilemma about whether or not to wear bracelets, read on to know why bracelets can take your style quotient to another level.

  1. Bracelets can be an ice breaker. Accessories are a complete reflection of your style and personality. Accessories that stand out from the crowd can attract people towards you and can even prove to become the center of attention in any conversation. Most men do not wear accessories other than a plain watch, therefore, wearing a Taxco Sterling Silver Bracelet can make you unique. And nothing could be better than a bracelet with a unique story behind it.

  2. Bracelets can also be worn if you have a medical condition. Though some people may argue that medical bracelets are not exactly a piece of jewelry. Nevertheless, it is imperative for anyone who has a medical condition which is not obvious to wear a medical bracelet which can help the medical personnel in the case of an emergency. Paracord bracelets which are very inexpensive have been worn by adventure sports enthusiast, firemen, and soldiers. Though they were used for their utility, it took no time for them to become a style statement.

  3. As stated earlier, historically people used to wear bracelets to assert their status in society. In modern world also this hold true in some cultures. In many eastern countries, men wear Taxco Sterling Silver Bracelet to subtly tell people about their affluence.

  4. Bracelets can also be worn as a symbol of allegiance or as a reminder of a good memory. Bracelets are worn by many people as reminders of their faith which could be cultural or social. Sometimes bracelets can be worn as a souvenir of a happy memory that you may have a pleasant experience. In some ethnic groups of Latin America, bracelets are worn which are believed to protect the wearer from evil eyes.

  5. Some people do not really need a reason to wear bracelets. You might be one of those who is way ahead than the rest in terms of style. Bracelets can add a small pop of color to an otherwise plain outfit and they can definitely help you in changing the basic theme them of your outfit from casual to formal or vice versa.

Things to remember while wearing bracelets:-

Although you can wear bracelets on any wrist you want, most people tend to wear bracelets on the dominant hand of use. Be sure to not wear the bracelet on the same wrist on which you wear your watch as it may scratch your watch. Whenever you are wearing multiple bracelets try to strike a balance between the colors and the materials of the bracelet. Try to pair different colors in the same group or pair bracelet bands with metal cuffs. Do not wear bracelets which clash with your watch in terms of color and size. Do not wear small bracelets with a large dial watch. The accessories have to be coordinated with each other and one should not overpower another. And the last point to remember is that your bracelets should be in accordance to the occasion. If you are out for a casual outing, you can play it up with funky colors and different materials, however, if you are headed to a formal occasion keep things subtle and sophisticated.

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