For all those who love to immerse themselves in the black of a good book, there is nothing better than getting lost in the words that are woven intricately in the threads of imagination. Books have a mind of their own, they say. Books can be the best company. But for those who love to read books, they are much more than just “good company”. They become an extension of who the people are and often the readers find not the just association and a sense of belonging, but a sense of self.

There are some books which have crossed the boundaries of time and have become more than just classics. They tie us all together in the spirit of humanity and reveal the ultimate truths. In tests-of-time, we all are the same, regardless of where and when. There is no better way to understand the complex labyrinths of human minds than to dig through some of the best novels in the world.

Here is a list of books that have become the literary milestones and we recommend that each book lover should read them once in their lifetime.

  • Every man for himself- Written by Beryl Bainbridge, the books is set in the year 1912 and is beautifully yet a short description of the greatest tragedy that took place in the same year. The sinking of might but ill- fated ship, Titanic.

  • Affinity- Affinity is set in the year 1874 and is written by Sarah Waters who is brilliant at historical fiction. The book is narrated from a Victorian prison. The protagonist of Affinity is Margaret Prior and Sarah Waters has managed to seamlessly blend some amount of spirituality in the otherwise seemingly atmospheric storyline.

  • Regeneration- The author of Regeneration is Pat Barker and the book is a literary masterpiece about the psyche of the soldiers during the First World War. The book is immensely gripping and unfolds various depths of the human minds that make it extremely relatable in today’s times as well.

  • Jamaica Inn- This book is more than just interesting. The author of this magnificently written book is Daphne du Maurier and it has everything required for the makings of an ‘impossible- to- put- down’ book. Full of adventure as well as romance, this has to be read to be admired.

  •  A place of greater safety- Set during the French Revolution, this book has you glued to it from the very beginning even though you definitely know how it ends. Full of real characters the book is simple in terms of predictability yet so complexly human that you will be overwhelmed by the end of it all.

These books will transport you back in the times where even though life was simpler, humans were as complicated as we are today.

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