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Experion Institute’s newsletter, Express is chock full of information, events, reviews, obscure facts and inside tips.

It’s designed as an eclectic compilation of dynamic information to keep you informed, interesting and up to date on a broad range of topics. On a monthly basis and perhaps more often if something special comes our way, we will tell you about great books ( ours and the many others we are constantly reading ),travel: great trips and out of the way places, fly fishing adventures spanning the globe, with regular updates on antiques, collectibles and the art market. We are specialists in the art nouveau, art deco and the mission/arts and crafts movements and the related fields of the Symbolist, Pre-Raphaelite, La Belle Epoch and the California School of Art. Also from time to time we will highlight a great new bottle of wine or a noteworthy boutique winery.

There will be guest editors signing on from time to time with their own unique take on the world and where it is headed.

We entertain and inform and as you get to know us perhaps you will take an interest and read more about Natural Time or one of the books we have slated for publication. Our next offering will be a novel entitled, Secret Betrayal coming out in the fall and our current offering The Dream of the Fathers is a page turner you won’t want to miss.

It’s free and informative, so sign up and get on board the Express.

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