About Phems & Natural Time

Natural Time is a new and unique concept that uses a different criteria to measure personal evolution and the passage of our lives.

To allow the concept of Natural Time to be translated into the reality of our daily lives, we have created the Phexmatic system which provides a matrix by which Natural Time can be accessed and harnessed for our use.

Nuclear time, the Phexmatic terminology for regular time, is an archaic, eight hundred year old, synthetic system that uses an artificial and constantly repeating second as the marker by which time is measured. It has no capacity to measure your physical evolution and it cannot tell you your biological age.

The concept of Natural Time states that your body is the only instrument that can provide the information of your evolutionary age. A Phem monitor provides that information to you. The Phexmatic system of Natural Time substitutes a biological marker for that ever recurring second used as the incremental standard of nuclear time. Every instance this biological marker expresses itself your evolutionary time advances.

In the Phexmatic system, evolutionary time is called physical experience and the term Phex is derived from the contraction of these two words. The Phexmatic system could make use of any biological function as the marker, but many of these functions have little or no meaning to the progress of our lives, therefore we have chosen what we feel is the most meaningful and logical marker, your heart beat, as the incremental building block of the Phexmatic system..

Modern technology allows us to create a wrist worn device, very much the same as a wrist watch, known as a Phem monitor to provide you a continuing view of your physical experience. Simultaneously, the monitor becomes a twenty-second century substitute for your wrist watch by providing you a more humanistic, more organic way of measuring your daily life.

When you put on a Phem monitor, you step into your own dimension within time. The meaningless measure of life’s second by second existence is replaced by the beat of your heart. You power time forward at your pace and your Phem monitor delivers an accuracy that approaches that of nuclear time. The variability of heart rates causes a slight variance between Phem monitors just as seldom do two watches indicate the same time. You live life to a natural rhythm and if knowing or using the exactness of nuclear time is critical, you simply switch operational modes on your Phem monitor and a regular watch appears.

In the Phexmatic system, a heart beat is called an Iex (pronounced I – ex) for I experience. A Nex (near experience) would be similar to a minute and is composed of seventy-two Iex and a Lex (long experience) is composed of sixty Nex. The face of a Phem monitor is composed of twenty-four Lex positions around a circular dial with a single constant hand indicating each Nex and an optional hand that may be displayed at your choice indicating each Iex.

There are a number of options that are available for comparison and diagnostic purposes as well as our unique video locket which is keyed to an individual heart beat occurring at the precise moment of a meaningful event in your life. Capturing that exceptional event on video allows you the luxury of recalling a living memory at any time in the future.

Your Phem monitor, in addition to its optional nuclear time capabilities, is a fully functioning heart monitor and chronometer for exercise and health purposes. Now in one device, the Phem monitor, you have the present and your future locked together for your benefit and it costs no more than a conventional wrist watch.

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